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2018.10.16 Tuesday 11:48AM

    Buy any number of points using PayPal and receive even 50% more!

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    Points may be used to advertise your ads.

Q. What are and how do I use points?

A. Points are used for upgrading your ads, and can be used in two ways.

1). Upgrade ad to Featured Ad. Use points to display your ad on the featured list on the home page. Overtime when someone ads another ad to the featured list your ad will be moved one position to the right. Ten ads are displayed on the featured list at any one time.

2.) Upgrade ad to Urgent Ad. Use points to move your ad to the top of listings by allocating points to it. Ads with the highest amount of points appointed will be higher up the list. Urgent Ads will also be displayed on the scrolling gallery on the Goodads home page.


Q. How can I purchase points?

A. Points can be purchased either by paypal or by sms in buy points section, or in the third step of placing an advert. Note: Points are not required to post any ad.


Q. Can I keep my contact details private when listing my ads?

A. Certainly. Enter your email details only when placing your ad and your buyers will contact you via


Q. Will my advert be deleted after 60 days?

A. Your ad will not be visible to buyers after 60 days, however if you register with you will be able to re-list all adverts. © 2010-2018
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